Our Montreal warehouse

4454 Rue Garand, Montréal, QC, Canada H4S 1S4

Our Champlain warehouse

100 Walnut St, Door 18, Champlain, NY, 12919

parcels per month


succesefull experience


12 000


7 years

drop off points
in Montreal

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1-5 days delivery

Why us?

Indicate product location "in USA" and increase sales

Most parcels or letters will be
delivered within 1-5 days of being
dropped off at our service point

Your mail is injected into
the domestic US mail flow

We provide free US address
all our customers

Free US address

No brokerage fee

Within 24 hours

Low fee

We prepare all customs
documents for free


Prices start from 0.50 cents
for an envelope and
per package


Montreal,QC - Champlain,NY

Champlain,NY - Montreal,QC

Preparing custom

documents for FREE

Transporting your orders

between Canada and USA


Reducing your

shipping expenses

What we do

We are helping Canadian e­commerce businesses to reduce their shipping expenses to the US

Increase your sales to the US with our free US address,

discounted USPS rates and daily delivery

to the United States Postal Service!

Are your online buyer?

Order FREE US address for you orders. Most US seller never send orders out of country.
Take advantage of FAST and FREE US shipping option

Our clients

Ship to your customers from USA address and double your sales

For Canadian online sellers

US buyers are hesitant
to buy when international
shipping  is involved